Objectives of the association


Objectives of the association
With respect to minorities (particularly LSBTTIQ), we intend to advance education projects and reduce prejudice against LSBTTIQ in church and society. A summary of our aims is presented in the association flyer – here, we explain them in depth based on our statute, in which we have agreed on the following objectives of our association:
The promotion
1. of science and research (§ 52 subsection 2 No. 1 AO)
– This aim will particularly be achieved by promotion of conferences, congresses, workshop sessions

  • promotion of research projects unless otherwise financed
  • implementation of educational goals for the groups mentioned in the preamble
  • cooperation with universities, research institutions, charitable associations (e.g. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Health Consumer Ethik DGHCE e.V.), foundations, libraries
  • dissemination of publications/media

2. of church-related aims (§54 AO). Among other things, this is to be realized through:

  • Planning and carrying out services for the commemoration of murdered transsexuals, services dedicated to human rights or
    educational services
  • Services, courses on Christian belief and seminars serving a strengthened belief / resilience and the advancement of the community
  • Promotion of parishes (oecomenical in the sense of Arbeitsgemeinschaft christlicher Kirchen AcK) which members of the association
    belong to, for the purpose of also promoting the association due to synergy effects (e.g. church concerts which deal with the topic
    of acceptance and diversity)
  • Lectures in parishes, institutions of adult education
  • Provision of Christian leisure activities/trips/camps and pastoral care for LSBTTIQ and for their families
  • Cross-linking and publication of an overview of parishes with an LSBTTIQ-friendly positioning.

3. of child, vocational and national education including students‘ assistance (§ 52 para. 2 No. 7 AO). This is to be implemented by

  • organizing seminars in order to promote community and education,
  • bearing travel expenses for speakers and contributors,
  • purchasing specialized books on minorities,
  • translating and possibly publishing specialized books, articles in magazines etc…
  • translating essential media which advance the understanding and acceptance of minorities.
  • cooperating with public libraries, chambers of commerce as well as vocational associations and disseminating media about these institutions, which advance the acceptance and knowledge about minorities and/or may contribute to improving the chances of the relevant persons to get back into a job.

4. of international attitude, acceptance and appreciation in all areas of culture and the stance of international understanding (§ 52 para. 2 No. 13 AO)
We intend to achieve this by disseminating oral or written texts (publications, radio, TV broadcasts) into foreign languages in order to advance education on the circumstances of transsexual persons worldwide (e.g.: hate crimes against, and murders of transsexual persons) and to improve the situation.